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Updated May 19th 2020

(COVID-19) Coronavirus Precautions

Clydebuilt Home Improvements are working hard behind the scenes to put the correct processes and procedures in place to ensure the safety of all our staff and customers when working in your home.  We have put the following in place.

Quotations (when government guidelines change and permitted)

  1. When we contact you we will ask you to confirm if there are any persons identified as most at risk living within the property i.e. over 70’s and/or underlying health issues.  In accordance with government guidelines, any visits or work will not go ahead and will be rescheduled once government advice changes.
  2. We will contact you on the day of any visits and check if any of the occupants are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 or currently self-isolating from a positive diagnosis.
  3. When anyone visits your property they will be in separate vehicles to avoid contamination and if this is not possible to follow the PHE guidance.
  4. Before entering your property hand sanitiser will be used along with the appropriate PPE.
  5. We would please ask that a safe distance of 2m is maintained from when answering the door and through-out our visit.  We will not be shaking your hands on arrival or when we leave but a smile would be great.


  1. We may need to complete a window and/or door survey so that we can process your order.  We ask that you follow the following precautions for the safety of our surveyor and the occupants of your home.
  2. Please help us by maintaining the 2 meters social distancing guidelines at all times
  3. Can you please ensure that the frames and fittings (i.e. handles) of your windows and doors are wiped down before arrival with a suitable alcohol cleaner or disinfectant wipes.
  4. Please ensure that there is suitable access to all windows and/or doors so that the survey does not have to touch your belongings.
  5. The surveyor will use the appropriate PPE and hand santiser when measuring your windows and/or doors and will do so when measuring from the outside and then coming inside.
  6. When finished all frames and fittings that have been touched will be wiped down using disposable wipes /  disposable cloth and suitable alcohol cleaner.


There are a few things that you can do to prepare for the installation of your new windows and/doors which will help the installers and to prevent them from touching your belongings.

  1. Please remove all ornaments and plants from the internal window sills.
  2. If possible can you please remove all furniture away from the windows and/doors so that they do not have to touch them.  Any that cannot be moved will be covered and protected by the installers.
  3. Please wipe down with disinfectant wipes or a suitable alcohol cleaner all window and/or door frames and fittings that are being replaced.
  4. Please do not offer any refreshments to our operatives.
  5. At any-time, our work team will not use your bathroom, toilet, or washing facilities.
  6. All dust sheets used will be freshly laundered or disposable sheets will be used to cover the furniture and floors within your property.
  7. All operatives will be following the government guidelines and wear the appropriate PPE and use hand sanitiser.

Job completion

  1. All rubbish will be removed from the site and this includes all PPE used and disposable dust sheets.
  2. The installer will wipe down with disposable wipes or a suitable alcohol cleaner all frames and fittings both inside and outside.
  3. A follow-up call will be made from the head office to ensure you are happy and that you are satisfied with the installation.
  4. All guarantees and warranties will be sent to you either by mail or by email if appropriate.

We are taking every precaution to limit the risks and exposure to COVID-19 but we cannot guarantee this in any way and we would always encourage you to follow the guidelines from the government with regards to social distancing, PPE, and washing of your hands.